Monthly Archives - January 2020

How long does it take to get a passport in the UK?

A useful new website has been launched which gives a guideline of how long you will need to wait to receive your passport after you have applied. Maybe you are thinking of a last minute holiday and your passport has run out and you are not sure how long it will take to get a new one. Well now you can go to to find out the current average waiting time to receive your UK passport.

How do they know? Quite simple really, crowd sourcing, people who have recently received their passport can either tweet with the hashtag #passportwaiting or go to the website and enter the number of days and send. An average is then calculated based on this data for the last 31 days and displayed on the website.

The website will also be offering other travel advice and also information on applying for your passport and how to take the best photo. The owners of the website are also negotiating with travel companies in order to provide its users with unique offers.

At the time this article was written the current UK passport waiting time for renewals is 13 days which sounds like the passport office are currently providing a very efficient service. Also on the site you can check for first time passport applications, first time child and child renewals.